Pediatric Vaccinations (Set/Edit)

You can register name (optional), Birth date and mobile number of the patient and we will send vaccination reminders on the mobile number as per following schedule. These reminders will help patients to take vaccines from you in a timely manner. For any change in the Vaccination schedule, please contact our service. You can cancel the remiders to any patient at any time.

First Month

One week for OPV0

Two weeks for BCG

Four weeks for HBV1

Second Month / 8 weeks for HBV2+OPV1+DPT1+HIB1

Fourth Month /17 weeks for OPV2+DPT2+HIB2

Sixth Month /26 weeks for HBV3+OPV3+DPT3+HIB3

Eighth Month / 35 weeks for OPV4

Nineth Month / 39 weeks for Measles

Eleventh Month / 47 weeks for Hepatitis A

Thirteenth Month / 56 weeks for Chicken Pox

Fifteenth Month / 64 weeks for MMR

Eighteenth Month / 76 weeks for OPV+DPT booster

  2010, HITECH MIS Pvt Ltd, Pune 411 030, India.

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