Blood Requests

Blood banks are collecting blood through blood donation camps as well as from voluntary donors. However, sometimes they fall short of blood of required group because of several reasons. In such emergency situations, registered blood banks can send us a request by SMS. They need to send AROGYA <space> BLDREQ to +919405104510. We will send them SMS asking required blood group and nature of request i.e. emergency / routine. This is to ensure that blood banks know that the server is active and ready to process their request. It may be appreciated that due to circumstances beyond our control the server may not be function at given point in time, even though we try to ensure that the service levels are beyond 99%. Once blood bank sends us details of requirement, we process the request as under.

a) First donors who have not donated in last 4 months are selected from the list in descending order
b) Women donors are kept out of the list during night hours so that they do not have logistical problems in reaching blood bank
c) From those who are available for donation, SMS is sent to 5 donors near the blood bank / those who prefer the requesting blood bank
d) Donor is requested to let the service know whether he is available and if not reason with date till not available e.g. going out of station etc.
e) If the donor is available, we send him SMS asking about temporary disqualification criteria, so that his visit to blood bank is not wasted.

f) Eligible donors are requested to donate blood and inform the service about their donation so that they are kept out of the list for 3/4 months. 



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