Blood Donors

Any person between 18 to 50 years of age can donate blood. A man can donate every 3 months while a woman can donate every 4 months, without facing any problem. If a person is suffering from hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, blood clotting problem or blood disease, tuberculosis, liver disease, kidney disease, fits, purpura, or any other major illness, he is not eligible to donate. These criteria are called as permanant disqualification criteria. Women can not donate blood during menstrual cycle, pregnancy, lactation or if they have recently aborted. Both men and women can not donate if they have consumed alcohol in 24 hrs, taken medicines in 72 hrs, had fever, cough, cold in one week, taken immunization in last one month, suffered from minor illness / surgery in last 3 months, major surgery in last 6 months, hospitalized in last 1 year. All these criteria are called as temporary disqualification criteria, and after some period these people can donate. To ensure quality of collected blood, donor is examined before collecting blood. In fact this is good opportunity to get onself examined by a physician to rule out any minor deviation from healthy status. If hemoglobin is less than 12.5 or weight is less than 45 blood is not collected. It can be appreciated that those passing through all these tests must donate when need arises so that needy patient gets timely help. Please send SMS as under

AROGYA <space> BLDDNR to +919405104510

We will send you SMS asking few details such as blood group, address, no of donations, last date of donation, preferred blood bank etc in two/three messages. You are required to send the information by SMS. There are no charges for registration of the donors. 



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