Blood banks

Blood banks collect blood from blood donors. The blood is collected in blood donation camps, or in the blood banks from voluntary blood donors. Sometimes relatives of patient who needs blood are requested to donate blood. However, blood from first degree or second degree relatives should not be administered to any patient as chances of immunological reactions are high in such patients. It may be appreciated that blood banks can not manufacture blood and it has to be collected from human being. By law, blood banks are required to conduct several tests on the blood collected from donor, before issuing the bottle to the patient. These tests, processing and refrigeration from collection to issue encur some costs to the blood banks. Therefore blood banks collect charges from the patient. This should not be construed as sale of blood. Our service will help blood banks to get eligible donors as soon as possible during emergency situation. Blood banks can register with us by sending SMS on 919405104510 as follows


We will send a SMS asking few details such as address, contact information etc and register the blood bank with us. We will send a blood bank registration form by email which is to be returned with a cheque for small token amount which is required to run the service. We will process 100 requests per month, after which additional charges will be applicable for additional usage of the service. 



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